Who Am I? What is this?

I am Travis Chapman. I’ve long had an interest in history, politics, and writing. I have an English degree from SNHU, and reside in Texas.

In watching the news and reading history books, I see us repeating ourselves time and time again. The faces and technology are different, sure, but the underlying themes are often the same. The Vietnam War caused a refugee crisis not unlike the current Syrian crisis. Migrant crises are far from modern phenomena too. The Alhambra decree forced many Jews from their homes in Spain in 1492. Many of those who fled were either persecuted in their new country (Portugal) or welcomed (Ottoman Empire), and of course the displacement of Jews was a heated topic during World War II.

That’s the spirit of this blog. I will look at current issues, see how similar issues were handled in the past and what happened as a result. Future posts will go in much further detail about context, what was the same and what was different from those scenarios, and how each country handled a situation and the result of it. It will not be looking to convince you of a certain belief, but layout some interesting stories that may help inform your perspective.

A few topics I’m particularly interested in and will likely cover:

  • Immigration
  • Religion’s role in the state
  • Abortion
  • Economic Inequality
  • Nationalism
  • Meritocracy vs Aristocracy

If I’m going to stray into writing a blog that delves into politics, it is only fair that I lay my own biases out before. While I will do my utmost to present things objectively, my experiences and surroundings cannot be fully cast aside, and if they were, I doubt I’d have anything to write about.

I identify as a classical Liberal. While there is a minefield of exceptions to any broad descriptors, in general I lean to the right on fiscal issues and to the left on social issues. That statement should only be used to get an idea of where I am politically, not as an explicit statement for or against any issue.

This blog will source when needed and give links for further reading.

Why Lighthouse? What does that have to do with anything?
I liked the name lighthouse as an apt metaphor for a few things this blog hopes to accomplish:

  1. It’s an obsolete tool that is still being used. Almost all ships today have some form of GPS. Even so, most are still in use at the time of this writing. It’s a failsafe to ensure that if what we rely on today fails, we still can lean on what we’ve used in the past.
  2. It guides lost ships to shore. Unsure how to feel about something? Perhaps history or a new thought can enlighten (haha) you and help you come to a decision.

This blog is a hobby. I will try to write a new post every two weeks, but we’ll see how that works out.


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